[svlug] PBI Dynamic IP ADSL

Terrio Echavez terrio at tahanan.net
Tue May 30 06:48:25 PDT 2000


I am trying to set up PPP-Over-Ethernet to access my PBI DSL ISP account through the Alcatel Bridge that Pac Bell provided when they set up the hardware to my Linux Mandrake 7 desktop and told me I was on my own to finish it up.

I did download the pppoe software from www.roaringpenguin.com, and so far so good except no connection is made, although I do see attempts to pass my user name and password about every six seconds or so with no success (right 2 or 3 green lights flashing intermittently with left 2 green lights solidly on constantly).

Could I perhaps be missing a PBI DNS number to make the pppoe connection work?  Getting answers from PBI is something like Windows software does not work on Linux.  O well, I guess my daughter got PBI ADSL on her Windows 98 desktop over in Oakland.  I guess I can drop over her apartment and peek at her dialup configuration to see if PBI uses some special numbers such as DNS.   Can anyone with pppoe experience help me with this?

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Terrio Echavez
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