[svlug] Re: 3ware IDE RAID Recommendation ...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 30 14:03:42 PDT 2000

begin  Bryan -TheBS- Smith quotation:

> Huh?  Are you familiar with 3ware's products???  These are NOT more
> Promise (among other vendors) ATAPI/IDE controllers with some
> firmware/BIOS.  One IRQ per board, whether it is 2-channel or
> 8-channel!

I'm sorry, but I don't look at ATA "solutions" carefully, because of 
obvious architectural problems built right into the ATA bus.

So:  One shared IRQ per board, fine.  But all the other inherent defects
remain.  E.g, no hot-fix area.

> Not on the disks, but on the adapter itself, YOU CAN!  The
> controller looks and acts like a SCSI card.

Excuse me, but you were not listening:  The bus lacks the command set
to properly implement command-ordering.

> This is where the on-board processor comes in (it is NOT just the
> controllers for the channels).  Unlike other ATAPI controllers,
> it does the block transfers to/from the drives.  Then the OS talks
> to the co-processor is a SCSI host adapter.  It's NOT a "dumb"
> controller card.

Excuse me, but you were not listening:  The bus lacks the command set
to properly implement command ordering.

> I would use this solution *OVER* a bunch of [SCSI] disks (BODs).

You're welcome to it.
> Er, over SCSI disks of the same spindle and density?!?!?!  It is
> upto 80% faster!!!

Excuse me, but I don't know what sort of comparison _you_ have in mind,
but the advantages of SCSI buses in multitasking, multiuser, and
multithreading applications are self-evident, and I have no intention of
belabouring them.

> > >>TheBS>> ...when you can't afford SCSI RAID.
> > Save up.
> Whatever.  I think you're missing my point.

No, I think I understand your point just fine.  I just don't smoke that
stuff.  And I don't buy or use cheap-ass computer hardware.

And thank you for, if only temporarily, ceasing to play annoying games
with subject headers.

Cheers,     "Not using Microsoft products is like being a non-smoker 40 or 50
Rick Moen    years ago:  You can choose not to smoke, yourself, but it's hard
rick (at) linuxmafia.com     to avoid second-hand smoke."  -- Michael Tiemann

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