[svlug] Symbios dude!!! -- Re: BusLogic SCSI

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Tue May 30 13:35:33 PDT 2000

Symbios dude!!! -- Re: BusLogic SCSI

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Andrew Edem wrote:
> Does anyone know if I could still find BusLogic cards? I have one in one of
> my workstations, and it outperforms my Adaptec by far. I know Mylex bought
> BusLogic, do they still make non-RAID cards?

I'd go for Symbios Logic-powered boards.  Fairly inexpensive. 
Adaptec bought Symbios because they were so far behind on Ultra2,
FibreChannel and they wanted a lot of Symbios' OEM customer base
(for mainboards, RAID subsystems, etc...).  Most UltraWide
(non-Ultra2) cards can be had for <<$100.  A quick list of their

   53c875 = UltraWide
   53c895 = Ultra2Wide
   53c896 = dual-channel, Ultra2Wide
            (used on a lot of mainboards, including non-x86 ones)

If you are looking for Ultra-lowcost, TekRam has it's new DC-3x5
series.  It is based on their own chip, which *MAY* be based on a
licensed Symbios design.  The neatest thing is that their FTP site
has boot disks and drivers ready-to-go for all major Linux distros,
versions and even *BSD.  They have 3 models:

   ~$20 DC-315U  = UltraNarrow (20MBps), no BIOS
   ~$45 DC-395U  = UltraNarrow (20MBps), BIOS/bootable
   ~$65 DC-395UW = UltraWide (40MBps), BIOS/bootable

Again, for $20, this makes a great CD-R, DVD-RAM, scanner, etc...
card.  Full PCI bus-mastering and Ultra support.  Just make sure
you get the latest Linux drivers, as early ones had issues with the
Ultra speeds (through about 2000 March).

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