[svlug] pcmcia network adapters

Andrew Edem aedem at kaxis.cx
Tue May 30 13:32:48 PDT 2000

>I'm looking into them as well. My vendor (pccconnection.com) doesn't have
>them in stock, but they have Netgear, Asante, and some other brands I've
>not heard of (I have heard of Netgear and Asante.)

I have both 10/100 NetGear PCMCIA, and PCI adapters. The PCI cards are based
on a DEC "Tulip" chipset, which has excelant performance. The PCMCIA adapter
I have is a ... oh damn... can't remember... I think it was based on an
NE2000. No, that can't be, NE2000's are 10MBps and half duplex... well, I
dunno, it was pretty damn generic, though.

I've never had any troulbe with they PCI NetGear cards, and for $30 at
Fry's, they are a steal.


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