[svlug] fstab question

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sun May 28 10:59:20 PDT 2000

dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com writes:

> > but when I try to mount /dev/st0 /mnt/st0, I get the error: 
> > [root at wilfredgordon]# mount /dev/st0 /mnt/st0
> > mount: /dev/st0 is not a block device
> That's correct. Tapes are not block devices; they are serial devices, and
> therefore not mountable.

They're character devices.  (Serial devices are a subset of character

You might be able to loopback mount a character device, but I don't
think it would work for accessing the data on a filesystem.

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