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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri May 26 14:16:31 PDT 2000

begin  Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat quotation:

> The purpose of a pgp signature is to authenticate the sender of the
> message.  If the content of the message do not require us to
> authenticate the sender then the pgp signature is useless.

Begging the question.  (That sender obviously thinks otherwise.)

However, in the context of the current discussion, one wonders what your
point is?  If you're trying to suggest that that mechanism's (per you)
"uselessness" makes it a netiquette infraction, then you might consider
saying so, instead of pussyfooting around with tiresome rhetorical

> I agree, but netiquette, the signature, and all that stuff has be
> discussed many times, I even have a book on it !

I can't help noticing that you've just conveniently changed the subject:
This is completely unresponsive to my point.

> ( and guess what ? I read it ;-) It has been discussed many times and
> we are still talking about it.  That's why, this entire thread doesn't
> make any sense either.


> You can conclude anything you want, you won't change what's happening
> out there ( including how people behave on the svlug mailing list. )

Actually, you appear to have missed the point completely about how
netiquette works:  The aim is not to force people to change their mode
of behaviour, but rather to make clear to them the sorts of things
widely considered obnoxious, which, if indulged in excessively, will
result in them being widely filtered into oblivion and ignored.

>> Nobody is Miss Manners all the time.  Look, do you have a point, or are
>> you trying to advance some silly "tu quoque" fallacy about one person's
>> discourtesy somehow making someone else's OK?
> This sentence is too long for me... I get exhausted just by reading
> it. ;-) It doesn't seem to be nice though.  ;-)

To clarify:  

Nobody follows netiquette guidelines minutely and consistently.  Clueful
people violate them for reasons they expect will be understood to
justify any transgression.  For example, I've sometimes tried to make a
quotation fit into a McQ-style four-line .sig, and failed -- but used it
anyway because it was too amusing to resist.


You seemed to be trying to make a "tu quoque" argument.  (That is the 
formal name for the logical fallacy of "two wrongs make a right".)  
Otherwise, your point, in pointing out that people infringe netiquette,
was unclear.  Assuming you had any point at all.

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