[svlug] startx | no tcp port ?

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Fri May 26 13:17:59 PDT 2000

At Fri, 26 May 2000 it looks like Seth David Schoen composed:

SDS-> > SDS-> So you could do
SDS-> > SDS-> 
SDS-> > SDS-> startx -- -nolisten tcp

Then Bill responded:

SDS-> > Thanks Seth,
SDS-> > 	I just got up for work (4:15am) and tried it and port 6000
SDS-> > still shows up so I'll be playing with this for a while. :)
SDS-> Huh, that's interesting.  I've tried it on two machines and they both
SDS-> didn't have anything listening there.
SDS-> Good morning.

Hello Seth,

	I may have missed the double hyphen, I'll hack when I get
home, I'm kinda swamped with tickets now. :)

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        PO Box 210076	         San Francisco, CA 94121

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