[svlug] Doing the impossible on the OS you don't run -- Re: bootable disk image install

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Fri May 26 12:00:02 PDT 2000

Doing the impossible on the OS you don't run -- Re: bootable disk image install

On Thu, 25 May 2000, Samuel Eliott wrote:
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> I need to make a bootable CD that would install a duplicate of
> my hard drive onto another machine or machines.
> I am running red hat 6.2 and would like to install it onto a
> similar machine with the same size hard drive.  How can I do
> this?

First off, making a bootable CD is separate from making the HD
image.  But Linux is an advanced OS that has everything you need to
do this.

To make a image of any partition or media, exactly as it, use
"dd".  Of course you'll need to have a larger partition to store

The best move is to just put the HD from the other system in that
same system and run the "dd".  You can even use "dd" to install the
boot sector and you're set!  Complete clone!

If you want to get fancy, put a $20 removable HD tray in the
system and you've got a system for cloning!

> I would prefer to use non-commercial products.

[ BTW, nice of you to post non-text messages with a commercial
product like Outlook.  Not a flame, just a notice of the irony. ]

I personally like Drive Image Professional from PowerQuest.  At
$220 for the 10-PC license, it's probably worth it than trying to
build such a flexible system out of Linux.  But do it for the
challenge if you like, you can make nice text dialog boxes with
various RedHat installer components.

> I have created disk images using mkisofs and I have even
> combined them with a boot.img, but I could not make it install a
> disk image.

Why not?  Did your boot disk contain the proper devices in /dev? 
Did you "dd" the boot sector?

-- TheBS

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