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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri May 26 12:06:26 PDT 2000

begin  Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat quotation:

> To make things worse... what about pgp signatures ?
> What about signing messages, where in fact nobody is going 
> to check if the author is the real one ?

This is called the fallacy of assuming the consequent:  You are (in
effect) asking whether cryptographic signatures serve any purpose, while
simultaneously stipulating that they don't.

But you cannot _assume_ ab initio what you are putting up for discussion,
Emmanuel.  That makes no sense.

Additionally, I've noticed that many people shift to expressing their
opinions in the form of questions in order to shield those views from
critical scrutiny.  You, specifically, seem to have fallen into that
habit lately, Emmanuel, and it's a tiresome one.

> Worse, what about quoting pgp sgnatures ?

Quoting someone else's PGP footers on a mailing list obviously serves no

> I have seen quite a few pgp signed emails on the svlug mailing list....
> Are we all compliant with netiquette ? 

Nobody is Miss Manners all the time.  Look, do you have a point, or are
you trying to advance some silly "tu quoque" fallacy about one person's
discourtesy somehow making someone else's OK?

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