[svlug] Multiport ethernet card that will work with Linux?

Chuck Pierce chuck at onyxsys.net
Fri May 26 10:51:53 PDT 2000

I've got several machines that are all using three intel etherexpress 10/100's
(the duel port versions)..  they work like a champ.  I have also used the quad
port card as well, and it seems to work fine (I haven't tried two quad cards,
though).  they are kinda hard to find (check pricewatch).. hope that helps.. -

Paul Keser wrote:
> We are looking to upgrade our NT firewall to 2 HA Linux firewalls.  I have
> a hardware question though.
> I would like to set up 2 1U units like VA 1000's but I need a minimum of 6
> ethernet ports each (2 internal LAN's, External, DMZ, FW1 sync, expansion).
> Is there a 4 port ethernet card that will:
> a.  work with Linux
> b.  work in a VA 1000 or similar 1U rackmount PC

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