[svlug] startx | no tcp port ?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Thu May 25 21:33:48 PDT 2000

Bill Schoolcraft writes:

> At Thu, 25 May 2000 it looks like kmself at ix.netcom.com composed:
> -> What port do you want it to open?
> -> 
> -> X11 uses ports 6000 - 6064 by default for displays 1-64 (not sure what
> -> happens after the first 64 displays).  You can specify 6000 + n by
> -> referring to display :n, eg:
> -> 
> ->     startx -- :20 & 
> 	Actually I'd like to open X11 without port 6000 springing it's
> head open. It's the `startx --<no-tcp>` that I'm after.

That's the "-nolisten tcp" option (see Xserver(1) or a recent BUGTRAQ
post from Fred Silva).

So you could do

startx -- -nolisten tcp

Interestingly, ssh X forwarding can still work under this, which means
that ssh can act as a client for a Unix domain socket when forwarding
a display, I think.  That's pretty amazing; I was sure ssh forwarding
was going to be TCP-only.

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