[svlug] fstab tape stuff

Gordon Vrololjak gvrdolja at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 25 17:01:51 PDT 2000

Thanks for the advice,
With tar cvf /dev/st0 /usr 
I backed up a 1.6 gig partition in about 20 minutes.  However, with
tar  t /dev/st0, I never got a listing of the archive?

The mt commands don't seem to work.  The tape never seemed to rewind,
there is no eject option for mt, and actually the tape won't eject even if
I press the eject button on the tape drive.  It just flashes busy with the
door locked.  I think I need to remove the door.  The reseller said the
mechanism gets caught and won't open - the tape just pushes against a
closed door - doh!

I downloaded Arkeia and will try it tomorrow - it's 5pm and time for me to
go home.  Any other recommendations for archiving commands/options
Thank you all.

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