[svlug] looking for statistics on NT vs Linux security issues?

Daevid Vincent DayWalker at TheMatrix.com
Thu May 25 16:58:47 PDT 2000

So, we've been faithfully running Linux for almost 1.5 years without a
problem or hack. And Sunday we were penetrated (no real dammage occured) and
our Linux server was used in a DoS attack on some other machines. Now our
VP's and stuff are freaking out and wanting to switch to NT. Ironically, our
NT server we had was completely crashed, while the Linux box was still
running it's normal tasks in addition to its new DoS program ;-)

I'd like to send them some statistics to show them that Linux is more secure
than NT and we shouldn't jump ship and that moving to NT is not only going
to be a big hassle, but also open us up for even more holes. Or maybe I'm
completely wrong... but I was hoping that the bugtraq site would have had
some statistics showing the number of incidents of Linux vs NT related
holes, hacks, etc... Perhaps the number of closed vs. open security holes
too. (I know that the Linux ones are patched within hours in most cases)


Can someone please help to point me at good resources with graphs or

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