[svlug] netdrive or xdrive for linux anyone

Rafael raffi at linwin.com
Thu May 25 16:55:00 PDT 2000

On Thu, 25 May 2000, HvR wrote:

> folks with windoze and nt can get things like
> www.netdrive.com and www.xdrive.com: up to 100mb of
> internet storage. really cool if you travel a lot and
> also good backup policy...
> anyone know of any www.somethings.com that provide
> this service free of charge for linux. ideally i would
> like to mount this internet drive and then treat it
> just like any other filesystem on my box.
> has anyone decoded the xdrive/netdrive protocol and
> written a filesystem driver for it?

When I checked one of their sites they listed Linux as one of the options.
They mentioned something like linuxdrive.com I think.

Don't know the details, never tried it and probably never will. They ask
too many questions.  I wonder what will happen when they break into one of
those "free disks" on the Internet, suck up your financial data and
transfer it to Algeria?

What the hell is going on these days with all the "free stuff?" Everybody
wants to get everything for free. Free computers, free ISP accounts, free
backups, free medical insurance, and 6 weeks paid vacations. Are we in
heaven yet? Any free appartments in the Bay Area?

Somebody is going to pay for this you know. There was a report on TV (and
what do they know) about ISPs to charge for the email depending on it's
size. Apparently email attachements generate a lot of traffic. My guess is
that 30 % is due to inefficient MS file formats/overhead and protocols,
15% is virus infected junk mail, 10% is other junk mail, 3% are old jokes,
and the rest is somewhat useful email traffic.

Multimedia is another matter alltogether. In any case, there are a few
companies working on a protocol to charge for the internet traffic
depending on usage.

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