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Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat <emayssat at valinux.com> wrote:

> ASCII is always 7 bit

True.  The 7bit modifier is merely a hold-over from the sad days of

> what you call 8 bit ASCII is EBCDIC it is a standard from IBM )

Not even remotely close to true.  EBCDIC is the collective name
given to a large number of character sets (codepages actually
("codepoint" being an individual character, or glyph actually)) that
were typically used on IBM mainframes.  They do not bear any
relation to ASCII.  Typically, if they do contain the roman
alphabet, they do not contain them in alphabetic order or even in
contiguous sections (which makes things like sorting painful).

Sadly, possibly the one thing that EBCDIC really got right, the
handling of codepage definition as being named-ordered assemblages
of named glyphs taken from a global catalog, was lost in the move to
ASCII and the various more recent codepage definitions.

> Today I think it is : Do not spam me Include relevant/meaningful
> content in your emails

> Don't you think so ?

No.  Were I to state a principle it would be:

  Respect your reader; his time, his attention, and his resources.
  Do not waste them.

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