[svlug] fstab question

Gordon Vrololjak gvrdolja at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Thu May 25 15:38:29 PDT 2000

I just rebuilt my kernel with support for a new device and scsi card.  The
added components are a Tekram DC390F Symbios Logic 875 Ultra Wide SCSI
Controller card and a Sony SDT-9000 4mm DDs-3 tape drive.

I compiled the kernel with scsi support and SYM53C8XX.  The kernel
compiled fine and I already have the device:
/dev/st0, but nothing in fstab.  I tried to add an entry in fstab like
/dev/st0    /mnt/st0           ext2     noauto     0 0

but when I try to mount /dev/st0 /mnt/st0, I get the error: 
[root at wilfredgordon]# mount /dev/st0 /mnt/st0
mount: /dev/st0 is not a block device

Is there something I did wrong with the entry for fstab?  
I checked for any faq's on tape drive installation with scsi cards but
found very little useful information.  If anyone could point me to some
guides/help files, I'll appreciate it.

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