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Joey Hess joey at kitenet.net
Thu May 25 11:53:07 PDT 2000

Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat wrote:
> I believe the netiquette is due to the following :
> 80 columns or less, 7 bit ASCII       
>   		<- for old MUA that do not support terminal capabilities

No, because lots of people still read mail ax 80x24. I do.

> 		<- 7 bit for terminal that can not display accented char
> ( NOTE : ASCII is always 7 bit, what you call 8 bit ASCII is EBCDIC
> it is a standard from IBM )


:EBCDIC:: /eb's*-dik/, /eb'see`dik/, or /eb'k*-dik/ /n./ 
   [abbreviation, Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code] An
   alleged character set used on IBM {dinosaur}s.  It exists in at
   least six mutually incompatible versions, all featuring such
   delights as non-contiguous letter sequences and the absence of
   several ASCII punctuation characters fairly important for modern
   computer languages (exactly which characters are absent varies
   according to which version of EBCDIC you're looking at).  IBM
   adapted EBCDIC from {{punched card}} code in the early 1960s and
   promulgated it as a customer-control tactic (see {connector
   conspiracy}), spurning the already established ASCII standard.
   Today, IBM claims to be an open-systems company, but IBM's own
   description of the EBCDIC variants and how to convert between them
   is still internally classified top-secret, burn-before-reading.
   Hackers blanch at the very *name* of EBCDIC and consider it a
   manifestation of purest {evil}.  See also {fear and

> line containing --
> 		<- This is used for email processing by mailing list for
> 		example. Majordomo for example stop processing the email
> 		after this line.

It's also used by every decent mail reader to delimit signatures so one
can ignore them or quickly scan them. If I read a mail from someone
whose signature is not highlighted by my mail reader in blue, I tend to
get annoyed. Another second wasted..

see shy jo

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