[svlug] CCIA White Paper -- MS Win 2000 Server Domination

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Thu May 25 08:07:07 PDT 2000

Last night, I came across a "white paper" published by the CCIA, the
& Communications Industry Association.  Its title is:  "Microsoft Windows
2000: Blueprint for Domination".  It's located at: 

It's a very *lengthy* document; maybe it would be something interesting
to read over a long Memorial Day holiday.  I haven't seen much notice of
this in the press.  To me, it seems like a pretty unique, important,
analysis, about the future of computing technology overall, especially on
the server.

I've not read the entire thing; only skimmed it so far, last
evening.  It appears to be an analysis of how CCIA thinks M$ is using Win
2000 Professional and Server, together, to achieve server domination
(and, perhaps, to reinforce its desktop domination).  The paper seems to
make quite a bit about how technologies steadily are bundled into Win 2K,
such that they only work best with the other -- Pro with Server, or vice
versa -- "embrace and extend".  It offers several analyses of products or
features -- item by item -- working better, or worse, with M$ or non-M$

Quoting one paragraph:
"The implications of Windows 2000 for consumers and businesses are
monumental. The concern is not simply about whether choices exist among
word processing programs or browsers. It is about design and control of
the most fundamental patterns for computing, networked communications,
electronic commerce, and more. It is about forcing consumers to accept
products they don’t want or need, and preventing other innovations from
ever seeing the light of day. And it raises serious questions: What
opportunities will be available? What information will be accessible? At
what cost?"
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