[svlug] Rick, don't read too much into this -- Re: Breaking the 2GB EXT2 file size limitation with LFS patch ...

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Wed May 24 11:18:20 PDT 2000

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Rick Moen wrote:
> Well, good luck to you.  I prefer to _know_ what I'm running -- and 
> I find that beta snake oil wastes my time and money.

Yes, I know.  But I'm not always the one who makes the decision
(long story).

In fact, I have my own "RPM repository" where I put all my own
RPMs, updates, etc... that I install RedHat from now (I used to
make a CD back when I could fit 650MB in it).  Because my time is
taken up by some much else (I'm an engineer more than I'm a
sysadmin), I try to minimize my deep investigation and creation of
home-brew RPMs as much as I can.  But I *DO* try to give them the
most attention I can.

If I did this for a living, or at least 20 hours a week, I *WOULD*
share a much deeper opinion on doing exactly that.  In fact, I'd
have my own, updated/improved RedHat distro (and I used too, called
"Re[d]HACK" -- dropped the "d" out of trademark fears).

In fact, I *WAS* planning on releasing an RPM-compatible distro
called "RetroHACK" with a lot of fat "cut-out" (as well as a
non-GTK RPM set for older systems), including a new installer,
etc..., but I just don't have time as of late (still planning to do
so later in the year).

> I do hope you get the help you need, in any event.

Thanx.  And that's the difference between *REAL* Linux/OSS users
(like you and I) and *ENTHUSIASTS* of both Linux/OSS and
Windows/Monopoly "faiths" (who don't know as much), we don't condemn
them to hell for a difference of opinion or approach, etc...

> In my experience, the worthwhile coding, integration,and QA work in that
> area is performed by David Higgin and H.J. Liu.  But your mileage may
> differ.

And *YES*, Dave Higgen (who you mentioned) and Seth Vidal (the
maintainer of the NFS FAQ at the nfs.sourceforge.net site) both
agreed that it would be much easier just to use the RedHat/Rawhide
RPMs instead of trying to patch my own (since RedHat stays fairly
recent on their patches).  And *YES*, I'm on the NFS list.  ;->>>

I guess, in a nutshell, I do *NOT* blindly install RPMs so much as
you think.  ;->>>

I personally could care less about the >2GB file limit, but my boss
is kinda upset that he cannot do so anymore (he was the one
creating the tarballs).

-- TheBS

P.S.  Trust me, I try to do as much research as I can.  Hence why I
even knew of the >2GB file patch in the first place.  ;->>>  RedHat
has had a "bad streak" (IMHO) lately because even the 2.2.14-6.1.1
kernel release was supposed to "re-patch" things they forgot to add
when the released the 2.2.14-6.0.1 release (dooh!).

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