[svlug] Blue with BRU, need replacement, "enterprise" backup solution ...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 23 23:17:20 PDT 2000

begin  Marc MERLIN quotation:

> While I haven't used  it yet (I will test it soon  though), Arkeia is
> pretty much the only large scale client'server backup solution that
> works on linux, amd has for quite a while.
The default administration tool is a kind of cartoon-type X-based thing
-- but there's an alternative.  

However, I've always been rather fond of Leonard Zubkoff's mtx utility
(http://www.dandelion.com/Linux/).  It even works with a number of DLT
libraries.  Control it with cron and some homebrewed scripts, and you
might not miss the proprietary stuff.

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