[svlug] about subscription addresses

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Tue May 23 21:47:14 PDT 2000

While I've  been interim listmaster  for the svlug lists,  I've aggressively
cleaned  up the  lists and  remove  any addresses  that bounce,  be it  user
doesn't  exist anymore,  host  down for  too long  (not  too common),  quota
exceeded (way too common).

If  you feel  you have  to use  some webmail  service, please  do keep  your
mailbox trimmed. You'll be  unsubscribed as soon as you  start bouncing mail
to svlug-admin  (that's us)  because you exceeded  your quota. It  may sound
harsh, but when you  get 20 bounces for each message sent  to svlug, it gets
old really quickly...

(a special mention  goes to people who  use let's say a  bigfoot address and
then bounce their  mail from another site where they  forward their mail and
have us scan  the received header lines, Email all  the people subscribed to
the list from the domain right before  the one that bounces, and wait to see
which one bounces...)

I'll also  upgrade mailman to  2.0b3-pre after a few  days of airtime  on my
machine so that  it doesn't refuse posts  from people who have  a bad Sender
field (compliments of netscape) or an envelope from that doesn't match their
subscription address.

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