[svlug] Blue with BRU, need replacement, "enterprise" backup solution ...

dfox@belvdere.vip.best.com dfox at belvdere.vip.best.com
Tue May 23 16:59:06 PDT 2000

> The reason I say "enterprise" backup software is because BRU is:
>   A.  Seems to be about 1/3th the speed of other backup software
>   B.  Does not natively support autoloaders (I have mine in
> sequential mode), which is a pain on restores (I can "trick" xbru,
> but it's a pain).

I haven't done a lot of evaluation, but I'd recommend arkeia. They
advertise a lot in Linux Journal, and I'm pretty sure you can still
get a demo version from them. Arkeia is more suited for network
machines, and is a bit more complicated, more like a mainframe-type
backup system, requiring you to do things like define tape pools and
tape datasets etc. before you can actually do the backup.

AFAIK it's pretty fast too. But I continue to just use tar or
cpio because of the simplicity. Also, if you want to ever restore
your system from tape, you've a catch-22 situation almost because of
all the restoring you have to do just to get the backup software 
reloaded so you can restore the rest. In contrast, tar or cpio can
be fit onto a floppy.

> Again, my MAIN CONSIDERATION is "A" above, with the secondary
> consideration "B", the autoloader control/support.  The new 60GB

I do not remember if Arkeia can do autoloader or not.

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