[svlug] Network cards supporting Linux

Terrio Echavez terrio at tahanan.net
Tue May 23 07:08:18 PDT 2000

RE: [svlug] Network cards supporting LinuxHello,

  I had the same problem with amb8110 module on my IBM Thinkpad with Mandrake 7.0 where I had to load the kernel sources, etc. to compile the amb8110.tgz files into the amb8110.o module for the Mandrake 7 distribution.
  To get the eth0 started, I went into the KDE sys5 editor and moved pcmcia above the network so that the cardmanager would kick off the amb8110 module and flash the green cable light BEFORE eth0 was started.  Now it works perfect everytime I boot up.  Just thought I would share this.


  Terrio Echavez

  >So we did the 
  > alternate steps of extracting the sources and recompiling and 
  > installing 
  > modules.  It all worked fine and the module loaded fine including all 
  > dependencies.  But the ethernet would not initialize (this 
  > was on a RedHat 
  > system).

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