[svlug] Blue with BRU, need replacement, "enterprise" backup solution ...

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Tue May 23 12:02:01 PDT 2000

Blue with BRU, need replacement, "enterprise" backup solution ...

I have a production server that uses BRU for backup (approximately
100GB) to an autoloader.  The new budget is coming up, we're looking
to buy a new server (with approximately ~500GB) including a new tape
backup (in the same autoloader) and some "enterprise" backup
software to drive it (and I'm willing to pay $5K to get it).

The reason I say "enterprise" backup software is because BRU is:
  A.  Seems to be about 1/3th the speed of other backup software
  B.  Does not natively support autoloaders (I have mine in
sequential mode), which is a pain on restores (I can "trick" xbru,
but it's a pain).

"A" is the real kicker.  My tape backup drive, Mammoth[-1] (FYI, NOT
my choice), is only getting between 1-2MBps (it should be more
like 3-6MBps) on the average.  Likewise, (since I have an EZ17
autloader, to minimize costs as well as the fact that I have a
lot of 8500/Mammoth tapes and the things are getting good reviews) I
am upgrading to Mammoth-2 and the study done by KeyLabs for Exabyte
shows BRU some 1/3th the speed of most backup software on NT (and I
assume the OS isn't the problem).

So I am wondering what everyone is using.

One vendor that Exabyte (as well as others) seemed to point out for
Linux is "Quadratec," and their "Time Navigator" product.  There
pricing is typical for one server, with upto a 10 cartridge
autoloader, and upto 10 network clients (my Solaris clients will be
backed up this way), about $5K.  They even have clients for *BSD
UNIX (which I am looking at to augment some services).

Does anyone else have any favories???  I don't knock BRU because it
only cost me $300, but I need to find something else.

Again, my MAIN CONSIDERATION is "A" above, with the secondary
consideration "B", the autoloader control/support.  The new 60GB
(native) Mammoth-2s are some 2-3x faster than Mammoth-1s, and I'm
going to be backing up 500GB now.  I need more speed for the 5 fold
increase.  It is my hope that some better software (than BRU) will
result in a 2-3x speed increase, combined with the 2-3x speed
increase of the new Mammoth drives will allow me to backup this new
ammount of total data in the same ammount of time (~1 for a full on
Friday night, ~2 hours/weeknight for incrementals).

Note that Windows backup support is NOT a big deal.  I can use
smbtar/BRU for that when I do the occassional backup of local
systems (rare, since we keep everything on the network server, or
temporary data on the Sun workstations).

Definately respond if you've got some hard numbers on the backup
package you use, or can attest first hand to drastically better
performance after chucking BRU in favor of another backup solution.
 I know about Veritas, ArcServe and others, but I want to hear from
people who have Mammoth drives and are getting solid performance
(possibly those who have compared more than one product).

I have a demo copy of Time Navigator from Quadratec, and I hope to
test its performance this weekend.

-- TheBS

P.S.  And yes, I have the correct BRU configuration for Mammoth,
including hardware compression.  The original guys who sold us the
system didn't have the correct settings (but, rather, generic
ones, so I was getting more like <1MBps before I fixed it!).

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