[svlug] Network cards supporting Linux

Paul Keser paulk at shopexpert.com
Tue May 23 09:18:06 PDT 2000

I had trouble getting my 3Com Megahertz 10/100 to work until I changed when
PCMCIA initialized so it initialized before networking.  I changed it from
S45PCMCIA in rc3.d & rc5.d to S04PCMCIA (I am going from memory...Don't have
a Linux box at work yet)  Now I can interchange my 3Com 10MB & my 3Com
10/100 cards at will.  Gave up trying to get my 10/100/56k Modem card to
work.  Haven't tried it since the change though.


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> Bill Jonas wrote:
> > I don't know about tech support, but NetGear says right on the box
> > (FA310TX) that their card works with Linux.
> We had an ordeal this weekend with an ambicomm pcmcia network 
> card (AMBI8110)
> that we tried to get working in a Toshiba Satellite 460.  
> They provided a
> module (amb8110.o), plus the source to the module and an 
> altered pcnet_cs.c. 
> We tried copying the precompiled module into into the 
> appropriate modules
> directory, however, depmod complained of unresolved symbols.  
> So we did the
> alternate steps of extracting the sources and recompiling and 
> installing
> modules.  It all worked fine and the module loaded fine including all
> dependencies.  But the ethernet would not initialize (this 
> was on a RedHat
> system).  Install my D-Link 660 and it initialized with no problem.
> Another laptop had similar results with a 3Com MegaHertz 
> Cardbus Ethernet
> card.  I know that pcmcia on Linux is supposed to do Cardbus 
> (right?) but we
> ran out of time and beer to work on it.  Again, plug mine in 
> and it worked
> with no problems.
> In short, both those people planned on getting different 
> pcmcia network cards,
> but it seems as if those two _should_ have worked.  I would 
> have liked more
> time to work on them, but like I said, we ran out of beer and 
> time.  Any
> recommendations on 10/100 cards?
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