[svlug] Network cards supporting Linux

Todd A. Lyons todd at mrball.net
Tue May 23 06:56:13 PDT 2000

Bill Jonas wrote:

> I don't know about tech support, but NetGear says right on the box
> (FA310TX) that their card works with Linux.

We had an ordeal this weekend with an ambicomm pcmcia network card (AMBI8110)
that we tried to get working in a Toshiba Satellite 460.  They provided a
module (amb8110.o), plus the source to the module and an altered pcnet_cs.c. 
We tried copying the precompiled module into into the appropriate modules
directory, however, depmod complained of unresolved symbols.  So we did the
alternate steps of extracting the sources and recompiling and installing
modules.  It all worked fine and the module loaded fine including all
dependencies.  But the ethernet would not initialize (this was on a RedHat
system).  Install my D-Link 660 and it initialized with no problem.

Another laptop had similar results with a 3Com MegaHertz Cardbus Ethernet
card.  I know that pcmcia on Linux is supposed to do Cardbus (right?) but we
ran out of time and beer to work on it.  Again, plug mine in and it worked
with no problems.

In short, both those people planned on getting different pcmcia network cards,
but it seems as if those two _should_ have worked.  I would have liked more
time to work on them, but like I said, we ran out of beer and time.  Any
recommendations on 10/100 cards?
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