[svlug] Re: If the FA310TX is Rev. D1, trash it -- RE: Re: NetGear and 100BaseT on 2.2.16-pre2

Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at rnd-consulting.com
Mon May 22 10:32:24 PDT 2000

Actually I've heard from a very reliable source, the D2 rev has
a nasty problem with the Tx mode that causes alot of resends also.

Thus spake Bryan -TheBS- Smith (thebs at theseus.com):

> If the FA310TX is Rev. D1, trash it -- RE: Re: NetGear and 100BaseT on 2.2.16-pre2
> I've had nothing but problems with Rev. D1 NetGear FA310TX cards. 
> Either C1-6 (DEC Tulip) or D2+ (Netgear variant Tulip) is what you
> want.
> BTW, this whole NIC issue is getting out of hand IMHO.  The Linksys
> cards I have been buying come with some mighty buggy NT drivers. 
> Of course, there are updated ones on their site, well labelled
> (which I canNOT say the same for 3com), but it's still a pain. 
> Seems like no NIC vendor stands behind their non-Win9x drivers
> anymore, let alone ships half-way decent ones (so this is NOT just
> a "Linux-thang".)
> I guess what I'm saying is that I think Linux is just a better OS
> because with 3-6 month release cycles for major distros, I don't
> spend 4+ hours updating my drivers during the install like I do with
> Windows.  I just pay $2 for the latest CD.
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