[svlug] Commercial game for Linux - wow ??

Alvin Oga alvin at planet.fef.com
Sun May 21 14:42:19 PDT 2000

hi ya jay...

( just my sillyness/quirkinesss )...this type
of stuff needs to go thru a lawyer and prospectus...so that you
can avoid all kinds of legal issues later.... just fyi...

> We plan to sell the finished product through various online retailers such
> as LinuxMall.com, elinux.com, linuxcentral.com, and any other outfit that
> will take it without requiring payment on our part.
> LinuxMall.com wants 50% of the gross, and I'd assume the others would be
> similar.
wow....50% is obsurd ????  typical distributers charges 5%-30%
to get to guys like merisel and other major distributers...
5% margins on consumer stuff like cpu/mem....

ebay wants(?) 1% of the auction price of products that is sold

have fun

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