[svlug] Re: NetGear and 100BaseT on 2.2.16-pre2

Prasanth Kumar kumar1 at home.com
Sat May 20 19:59:50 PDT 2000

"Robert L. Harris" wrote:
> Ok,
>   I have 3 machines with NetGear 10/100TX cards.  2 are running 2.2.16-pre2
> and the Third is running 2.3.99-pre8 (need usb).  One of the 2.2.16 machines
> can detect the 100Mb switch and works great.  The other won't detect the 100,
> and I can't even get link at 10Mb.  I've changed ports and cables and nothing
> will change, the second machine still can't give link.  The 2.3.99 machine
> give the same behavior.  Help?
> Robert

If you haven't already, goto http://www.scyld.com/diag/ and get the
tulip diagnostic
utility by Donald Becker. That and the mii-diag tool he has can provide
some useful
diagnostic info about the hardware.

Prasanth Kumar
kumar1 at home.com

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