[svlug] Re: Dual Processors

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Sat May 20 19:47:18 PDT 2000

Jose Medeiros wrote:
> I just had a quick question for some of the Linux Guru's out there.
> Does anyone know of a tool that allows me to monitor processor utilization
> on a dual processor system?
> BTW:  I tried Top and did not seem to break it down per processor.

Good question.  On Solaris, top does actually display various
processes on different CPUs.

There has got to be a nice /proc util other than top for cpu
utilization like there is for VM (e.g., vmstat).  I guess it's just
not included in Linux distros.  Or maybe we need to write one?

I also looked at ps.  There doesn't seem to be a mechanism for
tracking per CPU utilization.  Maybe there isn't a /proc interface
to do such right now (kernel 2.2).

Hmmm, I'd personally like to see something.  Maybe I need to hit the
kernel 2.3 docs to see if this is, in fact, a /proc limitation in
2.2 (that has been addressed in 2.3).

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