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Thu May 18 17:41:49 PDT 2000

On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 10:26:02AM -0700, Tabinda N. Khan wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a reminder that the DMCA protest is _today_ from 12:00-2:00
> at the Stanford Law School. Please see
> http://zgp.org/~dmarti/dmca/ for more details, including
> transportation information.
> See you there!
> Tabinda

And to everyone who showed their best side (inside joke...until the
photos are published) and came, a big shout out.

To those who did not, the hearings continue tomorrow, Friday, May 19,
with both morning and afternoon sessions.  The EFF's Robin Gross is
featured in the afternoon.

The schedule and further information are published on the US Library of
Congress website:  http://www.loc.gov/copyright/1201/hearing.html

And as a request -- could someone please clue me in on the relationship
(of any between the BSA and SPA (Software Publishing Association -- now
SIIA:  http://www.siia.net/).  Personal axe to grind....

The schedule for tomorrow is:
    9:30 AM 
        - Business Software Alliance:
            Paul Hughes, Adobe Systems, Inc.  Martin Konopken, Autodesk,
        - American Film Marketing Association, American Society of
          Composers, Authors, and Publishers, American Society of Media
          Photographers, Association of American Publishers, Association
          of American University Presses, The Authors Guild, Inc.,
          Broadcast Music, Inc., Business Software Alliance, Directors
          Guild of America, Interactive Digital Software Association,
          The Mcgraw-Hill Companies, Motion Picture Association of
          America, National Music Publishers' Association, Professional
          Photographers of America, Recording Industry Association of
          America, Reed Elsevier, Inc., and SESAC, Inc., Steve Metalitz
        - American Library Association, Frederick Weingarten

    2:00 PM 
        - Electronic Frontier Foundation, Robin Gross
        - Motion Picture Association of American, Dean Marks
        - Sony Computer Entertainment America, Riley Russell
        - Bleem, Inc., David Herpolsheimer

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