[svlug] Ethernet network question

Terrio Echavez terrio at tahanan.net
Thu May 18 03:35:35 PDT 2000


I just started working on a simple home Ethernet network between my Desktop
PC and IBM Thinkpad (in a docking station).  I have Linux Mandrake 7.0 with
a Kingston (Tulip) Fast Ethernet card on my Desktop and a Ambion 8110 16-bit
Fast Ethernet PCMCIA card in my IBM Thinkpad using Redhat Linux 6.1 (which
supports the amb8110.o module).  I am using two CAT5 RJ45 cables to a 4-port
Ethernet 10/100 Base T hub with auto sensing (10 or 100) and auto
switching).  The hub gives me the opportunity to add another PC to the
network sometime in the future.  Anyway, thus far I have been able to ping
from the Mandrake 7.0 Desktop to the Redhat 6.1 Laptop; and ping from the
Redhat 6.1 Laptop to the Mandrake 7.0 Desktop simultaneously very
successfully (of course using ^C to end the pings on bothe sides).  Also I
have been able to telnet from a unix shell prompt from the Desktop and log
into (of course as a common user) remotely to a unix shell prompt on the
Laptop being able to use text commands, and visa-versa simultaneously no
problem).  So far having almost nil Linux network experience, I found it
relatively easy to install a simple home Linux Ethernet network to a unix
shell prompt point; but I have run into a snag.

When trying to activate NFS on the Mandrake 7.0 Desktop to open an export
directory of the Redhat 6.1 Laptop, I get a time-out error.  When trying to
mount an export directory of The Mandrake 7.0 Desktop from the Redhat 6.1
Laptop. I get the following error message:  RPC is not registered:  When
trying to use the rpc command from either machines Unix shell prompt I get a
permission denied message on both machines.

Could someone give me a hint on how to setup up NFS properly with the Remote
Procedure Call (RPC) so remote export directories can be mounted from either
machine.  Again, I am new to the Linux Ethernet Network.

Best regards,

Terrio Echavez

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