[svlug] pacbell dsl

Randy Herrick HERRICK at pacbell.net
Wed May 17 16:07:10 PDT 2000

hi everyone,

Well, I rushed back to the states
from India threw five countries so
I could make my new dsl appointment.
PB told me if i missed this 2ed appoint.
I would be an old man ready for
retirement before i could get set up again.
They put it in yesterday and it seems to
work great. Was supposed to be 128k up
and 384d but i went to:
and ran several tests threw out the night
and got, 929.7 low---1179.1 high. Have
not tested the up speed, but will be happy
if it's like my other dsl at around 112-118.
Not bad for $29.00 <---HOW??  check
this out. Pacbell lowered their price to
$39.00 for standard dsl, with that price
you also get internet service on another
machine, so when i got the second dsl i
did not have to pay for internet service again.
Plus, i thought i would be using the dsl
card that came with my new HP 800,
model # 9694c, but the guy showed up
with an external " Wirespeed from
westell" and said that was what they are
using now. Way cool, now I can drool
over  http://www.annanova.com
all day long. --randy

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