[svlug] Thanx for the input IBM!-- Re: the Open Group has released Motif source for Open Source use ...

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Wed May 17 14:15:08 PDT 2000

Thanx for the input IBM! -- Re: the Open Group has released Motif source for Open Source use ...

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Ian B MacLure wrote:
> When they do this with X itself that'll be news but I'm not
> holding my breath.

That was my attitude.  But still, you can now dynamically link your apps
against Motif for use on Open Source platforms which have the libraries.

I didn't totally get the gist of the license from the OpenMotif page, but maybe
you _could_ include it on your CD (or distribution media)?  If not, you can
always include a URL in the README for OpenSource OSes.

> We have a Solaris/SGI X/Motif application which we recently ported to
> Linux/Lesstif. Most things worked fine from an operational standpoint
> when it was done but look and feel under Lesstif were sub-optimal and
> consensus was that we probably needed the industrial strength solution
> to get where we needed to go.

Yes, yes, this is what I wanted to know!  I wanted to find out what commercial
vendors had messed with both and their take on Lesstif versus Motif.

So I'm assuming your including the Lesstif libs (with your apps dynamically
linked against them) in your distro with your app for OpenSource OSes?  Or you
are statically linking them with Motif?

If it is the later, you may actually benefit from this new license.

-- TheBS

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