[svlug] Have I been saying this or saying this? -- RE: A Proven Danger to National Security

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Tue May 16 04:29:40 PDT 2000

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Have I been saying this or saying this???
It seems like others were saying this as far back as 1998.

-- TheBS

Brian Coyle wrote:
> Your daily dose of M$ bashing... ;)
> http://www.infowarrior.org/articles.html
> http://www.infowarrior.org/articles/MSFOR.pdf
> #2000-04 (15 May - Forno) Microsoft: A Proven Danger to National
> Security (or, "MICROSOFT: Findings of Reality).
> This hard-hitting essay discusses the potential national security
> concerns by becoming too reliant on Microsoft's buggy
> software and self-serving business practices. Part One discusses the
> inherent security concerns with Microsoft
> applications and operating systems, with Part Two discussing why
> Microsoft (and other companies) are strongly supporting
> legislation and laws to prevent the third-party assessment, review, and
> criticisms of software security and quality control.
> If there is one essay you read this year, make this it!

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