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LennyBruceLee lloyd at morpheme.com
Tue May 16 10:19:14 PDT 2000

In yesterday's Wall St. Journal (15.05.00) on page B1, in the column
*E-World*, Thomas E. Weber writes of the Gnome GUI and its potential to
replace/outpace the MS Windows GUI in a way the DOJ never could. The
article centers on the Gnome project, the work of Miguel de Icanza and
Nat Friedman of MIT and the start of Helix Gnome. It is a good if
quick/simple overview of the development of Gnome's GUI in the GPL'd
environment (it unfortunately fails to mention the availability of
choices such as KDE or any of the less overhead-enhanced graphic
interfaces to the underlying system).

I don't have electronic access to the article nor do I wish to push the
limits of copyright law, but Mr. Weber ends the article with the

	"Would you  ever switch from Windows? Email me at tweber at wsj.com ....."

That's an easy one for many of us to answer.  Perhaps, if asked,  Mr.
Weber would post the article to the svlug group.

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