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Cruz, John J john.j.cruz at baesystems.com
Tue May 16 12:26:49 PDT 2000

Last week (MAY 12) I requested information about a home network (see
attach).  The LA LUG responded very admirably.  I'm very grateful to you
all, especially to Bryan, Brian, Erik, Francis, and Ray.  Here is a summary
of all the responses.

The general consensus was that all the single multi-server PC requirements I
desired could be achieve with as little as a 486 PC w/ 8 MB of RAM. Better
yet any Pentium P350 class system with as 32MB of RAM and 15GB HD would do
nicely. The Linux box may be headless. All configurations can be done
remotely (once the initial build is complete) but recommend using SSH
instead of Telnet. Use Samba for the Windows file/print service, Apache for
the Web server and Sendmail for the E-mail server. Running 3 printers off
the server is a lot. Also I might find it hard to locate the hardware for 3
parallel ports on a PC might not be available.

Even though one PC can achieve all the multi-server requirements, it is
better to use more then one PC. Having them all on one PC raises some
security concerns.  Also to set up a business (e-bussiness is my goal),
having all the server functions on one PC might be problematic.  Because of
these concerns I was advised to make the gateway to the Internet a separate
PC that does nothing else.  

A single gateway/PC permits having a configured firewall, all its services
locked down, and limit access to the other machines on the network.  (I must
learn Linux's firewall/NAT/masquerading/filtering/ routing service known as
"IPChains".) I was also advised to use the Router NHF on linuxnewbie.org in
order to set up a gateway, firewall and DHCP / private network so I may
connect my work laptop to the network. Another concern was the gateway/DSL

I was advised to consider a caching web proxy, like Squid, to maximize the
use of the DSL line and to figure at least 512 MB for the Squid cache.  Also
to be cautious since the DSL providers are playing Windows-only games and
that I should tell them I'm running Windows NT 4.0. Usually that will get me
the right configuration.

Thank you,

 <<Home Lan.txt>> 

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