[svlug] [OT] Joke

Ivan Passos lists at cyclades.com
Tue May 16 10:01:35 PDT 2000

First day of class. The teacher calls the students one by one in order to
know them better.
- As I call you, you'll tell your full name and your father's job. Ok,
  let's start!

And they start:
- I am Mary Lerner, my father is a lawyer.
- I am John Lloyd, my father is a doctor.
- I am Charles Gates, my father is a stripper in a gay club.

Total silence in the class. The teacher changes the subject rapidly, and
the class continues.

In the interval, obviously, other children avoid Charles. However, a more
curious kid goes and talks to him:
- Is it true that your father takes his clothes off in front of the 
- No. He works at Microsoft, but I was too ashamed to tell ...


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