[svlug] Email length

Marc MERLIN marc_news at valinux.com
Mon May 15 14:48:43 PDT 2000

On lun, mai 15, 2000 at 01:07:08 -0700, Robert Mayssat wrote:
> > My point is that it's the MUA's job to cut the lines for you (or your editor
>  if your MUA gives you the option to use an external editor)
> I agree, but it has to be the default behaviour. And it is not the case.
Very true, and it's very unfortunate.
So  we're left  with  trying to  educate  the people  who  use those  broken

> Well on the one side you want less  than 80 and on the other side you want
> more.  So what do you really want. Well it depends of the content.

A paragraph of text is not the same thing than me pasting code or a config
file that requires lines longer than 80 chars.

> So you understand that you are expecting something from someone you
> may not even know.... ( worse , it can be me ! )
Yep, I (and many other people you will find) expect Email users to know
about basic netiquette and apply that knowledge.
> I agree, but if you want to use SGML in your email, I believe you have 
> so use the right MIME type.

You can include a  snipplet of code in an Email while  keeping the mime type
to text/plain  since it's a  quote and  you don't expect  the MUA to  do any
special rendering.

My "contribution" to this thread will end here though.

La culture, c'est comme la confiture....

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