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Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat emayssat at valinux.com
Mon May 15 13:43:31 PDT 2000

I meant that if the MUA of the sender does not do it, 
after all you have no guararnty,
the only place to enforce it is the MTA. That's all.
I agree this is not really the purpose of the MTA,
in other words, you can not enforce it....
So why ask for it in the first place?

Now that I think of it, the MUA of the receiver is even a better place.
So maybe you should review your MUA configuration if you want to 
see such a feature implemented by "everybody". This is just a suggestion.

I believe I have always replied to your emails in a courteous manner.
It may be time for you to do so !
So please stop being so sarcastic. 


| Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 13:16:19 PDT
| From:  Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>

 Quoting Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat (emayssat at valinux.com):
 > Quoting "Derek J. Balling" <dredd at megacity.org>
 >>  No. An MTA must _NEVER_ dick with the contents of the message. The
 >>  MTA does not know what standard is necessary for the content
 >>  contained within, nor SHOULD it care. It is a TRANSPORT agent, just
 >>  as the acronym states. It has nothing to do with CONTENT whatsoever.
 > I agree, see reply to Marc for comments.
 Are you the Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat (emayssat at valinux.com) who wrote
      "A better way to enforce 76 char/line would be to configure 
      the MTA ( mail server ) to do the job."
 ...or are you perhaps some different Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat
 (emayssat at valinux.com)?
 By the way, I've fixed (above) your broken quoting style.
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