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Emmanuel-Robert Mayssat emayssat at valinux.com
Mon May 15 13:07:08 PDT 2000


| Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 11:53:27 PDT
| From:  Marc MERLIN <marc_news at valinux.com>

> On lun, mai 15, 2000 at 09:44:21 -0700, Robert Mayssat wrote:
> > It states a MIME standard. A poorly written MUA can not be MIME complient.
> > What I understand is that a well written MUA should support at least 
> > 997 char/line.
> The RFC doesn't even state SHOULD, but it doesn't really matter anyway since
> MUAs that  don't cut lines  will go beyond  997 chars. In other  words, that
> paragraph is too vague and really doesn't belong in an RFC

I agree. 
The problem is that for the implementation you have to read between the lines. 

> The last time I had to press enter  every 76 chars is about 7 years ago when
> I had no idea how vi worked.
> After I found out about tw=76, it took another 6 months or so before I found
> out about  par(1) to reformat paragraphs  that I edited (otherwise  I had to
> hand cut the lines after changing their length)

> My point is that it's the MUA's job to cut the lines for you (or your editor
 if your MUA gives you the option to use an external editor)

I agree, but it has to be the default behaviour. And it is not the case.

> > A better way to enforce 76 char/line would be to configure the MTA 
> > ( mail server ) to do the job.
> Absolutely not.
> When I  paste a config file  or code or whatever,  I may need to  have lines
> longer than 80char/line. I certainly would not  like the MTA to cut them for
> me.

I agree on the MUA and MTA, but if you want to enforce this standard the 
MTA is a sure place ( although it should not be the work of the MTA, on which 
I agree ). 
Well on the one side you want less than 80 and on the other side you want more.
So what do you really want. Well it depends of the content.
Why not create a MIME type ? text/plain-76 ;-)
> What does this have to do with elm?
AFAIR elm was enforcing a max 4 lineis signature.
You may say it depends on the version. I agree again.

> Isn't any convention up to the sender?
Yes, that the point.
So you understand that you are expecting something from someone you
may not even know.... ( worse , it can be me ! )

> > [\BOFH]
> This tag isn't SGML compliant.

I agree, but if you want to use SGML in your email, I believe you have 
so use the right MIME type.
In text/plain SGML tags doesn't mean anything.
( but let's not even argue about that, please ! )
If you use them to enhence your text you can as well use
html tags or even personal tags. 

> > | https//vaweb.valinux.com/~emayssat           Desk # : 408/542-8759 |
> Your URL is missing the trailing  slash and causes a needless http redirect,
> and it  also is  not of any use  to anyone  outside VA  since it  requires a
> password.
> You can configure a  good MUA to change your signature  depending on who the
> receipients are.

Thanks for your concern.
I will do that when I get some extra time.

> Marc
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