[svlug] Slashdot covers asynchronous, Furber's Amulet chips ...

Bryan -TheBS- Smith thebs at theseus.com
Mon May 15 10:39:17 PDT 2000

Slashdot covers asynchronous, Furber's Amulet chips ...


Yes, this is the territory where we, Theseus Logic, are involved.  I
know the Amulet lead, Steve Furber.  I have NO IDEA why someone
just decided to talk about this at Slashdot, Amulet is nothing new
and in its 3rd generation.

Anyhoo, Furber has been giving us, Theseus, great mindshare in the
IC community with various publicized quotes and original
articles/editorials.  Most people are discovering that
asynchronous *IS* the future and that dual-rail is the future of IC
design.  Theseus leads the pack when it comes to a *PROVEN*
dual-rail design methodology that does *NOT* require heavy
re-training *AND* it can work and co-exist with existing boolean
logic in the same circuit (it's self-timing, delay insensitive).

My comment (with details on our technology including Furber's
editorial that speaks about it at ISD):   

-- TheBS

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