[svlug] Is there a GOOD source for web-based email?

Jan-Albert Venter JAVenter at africon.co.za
Sun May 14 23:48:27 PDT 2000

How about a webmail system run by a LUG ? 

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On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 04:25:42PM -0700, J C Lawrence wrote:
> The distinction betwene Tier 1 and Tier2 is rapidly becoming
> meaningless.  The name of the game currently is peering, not how big
> a pipe you have coming into your site, or even necessarily how close
> you are to MAE.  Who do you peer with?  How many other local

Actually, you want  to avoid using a provider that  dumps their packets into
MAE  (east or  west), and  chose one  that has  as much  private peering  as
possible and only uses the MAE as a last resort.

An interesting  one is  Internap (http://www.internap.com/)  as they  do not
focus on country-wide network infrastructure, but buy bandwidth from all the
major ISPs instead  and run custom routing to dump  your packets directly on
the receipient's Tier-1/2 provider's network

But we're  getting way off  topic here, this really  belongs on a  list like

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