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> The dateline is something like this:  the original Bourne shell, then
> csh from Berkeley distribution.  Although csh does not shows up in the
> AT&T variants of UNIX till System III.  Some vendors distro do include
> csh.

My first (sort-of) exposure to Unix was a VMS system running Eunice, around
1986-87 or so. I was in their lab, taking an advanced C course (though I
used my DOS box for that) but got around the VMS !*#@!&@*@ and got into
Eunice mostly to play around. I didn't play much with that system, but I
got a little bit of my foot into Unix.

I had some books (mostly AT&T) at about that time, but no real system to
play on, and my (underpowered) box wasn't going to be able to run Unix,
and even if it was, it wasn't going to do it without a lot of money. So,
Unix simply was on the back burner as an "interesting" thing to try for
quite sometime, until I got introduced to the Internet (ca. 1992? it 
might have been later) on an AT&T machine that some of the people of
the group that preceded SVLUG had access to -- and (I think) we had
access for a while. Later on, I found about Linux's existence (even
managed to download root/boot disks, but never installed it) and ended
up running 386BSD 0.1 for sometime -- the precursor to FreeBSD/NetBSD. And
sh (although it wasn't bash) as well as csh, existed on that system. 
Furthermore, root's default shell was csh, which (I guess) might be
a tradition, possibly continued to this day, for some.

> Tcsh derived from csh.

Right, and then there's 'zsh', which does everything. I played with
that for a while, too.

> The world is not Linux, nor is it NT, nor is it Solaris.

NT is not even the world -- no script capabilities, unless you turn
it into a Unix of sorts by adding all the gnuwin32 stuff. That's sort
of like MKS though -- except that the OS gets more in the way of things
than it does in the DOS world, probably.  (And I did see MKS a bit
in action once -- nice features of Unix, but compiled for DOS, and
any time you wanted to do something neat, the OS would get in the
way -- like pipes, for instance :)

> Tin Le

I even had an account on your system for a time :).
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