[svlug] Dude, I feel for ya!!! -- Re: req. for network info

Grant Talarico Grant at Gemini.org
Sun May 14 11:28:10 PDT 2000

At 12:19 PM 5/13/00, you wrote:
>be adequate for a file server.  You do NOT even have to have a video
>card, montior, etc...  You can drive it headless (remember, UNIX has
>telnet/console access remotely, or even via a COM port) and I
>believe even the new RedHat 6.2 comes with all kinds of web-based
>admin tools.  E.g., in my home, the entry point in and out of my
>house goes through such a headless box in a closet.

However, if you're using PC hardware to run this system, I don't know of 
any motherboards that won't have a fit if it doesn't find a video card on 
boot, either in a ISA/PCI/AGP slot, or built-in to the motherboard. If this 
is a problem, a motherboard chipset with a built-in video card can free up 
a slot for something else, or a cheap video card since all you need to 
display is text.

Grant Talarico

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