[svlug] Just checking

Larry Platzek larryp at inow.com
Sun May 14 08:17:54 PDT 2000

I suggest resubscribing, the worse thing is it list would complain that
you are already a member of this list.
I have read others at time found they were not on list anymore.
This list is a live and well, may be slow today but it is Mother's day.

Larry Platzek  larryp at inow.com

On Sun, 14 May 2000, Reginald B. Charney wrote:

> Date: Sun, 14 May 2000 08:07:07 -0700
> From: Reginald B. Charney <charney at CharneyDay.com>
> To: svlug at svlug.org
> Subject: [svlug] Just checking
> Hi,
> I have received no messages from the SVLUG mailing list in about a week.
> I am just checking that everything is working OK, including me. Thanks.
> Reg.
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