[svlug] Off the list?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri May 12 23:20:59 PDT 2000

Quoting Todd A. Lyons (todd at mrball.net):

> Having gotten into Linux after the time that listserv was dominant and
> yet before the time when mailman seems to have acquired such a
> following, I have to ask the question, why not just create an alias in
> sendmail to rewrite majordomo to mailman or whatever it uses?  Or does
> mailman only do web access?

To answer the other part of your question, aside from what Ray addressed
for you (thanks, Ray!), no, Mailman most certainly does _not_ only do 
Web access.  This exact question was asked and comprehensively answered
right here on this list, about a month ago.  See:


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