[svlug] Acer 620 USB Scanner

Bill Jonas bj at netaxs.com
Fri May 12 22:37:19 PDT 2000

On Fri, 12 May 2000, Kenneth Kellum wrote:

>The local Micro Center is advertising a Acer 620 USB Scanner for $40 (after
>I looked on the web and found positive reviews for this scanner.  The
>information I fould RE Linux and this scanner were less certain.  I'd appreciate
>hearing from anyone who's used (or been unable to use) this puppy under Linux.

Let me expand that question a bit.  Which manufacturers, if any,
actively support Linux?  Are there any who publish the technical

As an example, I was looking recently for an OpenGL-compliant video
card.  Someone told me that Matrox, 3dfx, and Nvidia were the three best
manufacturers for this.  I looked into it a little bit, and found out
that Nvidia provides binary-only drivers, Matrox provides links to 3rd
party drivers (such as Mesa and XFree86), but 3dfx provides specs,
register details, source code, precompiled binaries and a whole lot of
other stuff at http://linux.3dfx.com/.  So I went with 3dfx.  (Which
reminds me, I need to email them and tell them I bought one of their
products and why.)

Anybody know of any manufacturers doing the same (or similar) with

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