[svlug] Peering

Todd A. Lyons todd at mrball.net
Fri May 12 18:39:38 PDT 2000

J C Lawrence wrote:

> The distinction betwene Tier 1 and Tier2 is rapidly becoming
> meaningless.  The name of the game currently is peering, not how big
> a pipe you have coming into your site, or even necessarily how close
> you are to MAE.  Who do you peer with?  How many other local
> networks are your peered with?  How well are they peered?  What is
> the bandwidth of your peering connections?  Effectively, what is the
> size, spread, and thoroughness of your peering network?

Where can I find information on peering?  MAE?  These are all terms that
I hear thrown around but I want some definitions.  I want to understand
all these questions above and their context (and understand why bigger
is not better :)
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