[svlug] DSL woes

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Fri May 12 17:32:42 PDT 2000

> Companies usually warn you about recording the conversation for quality
> purposes. You can announce the same at the begining of the conversation.
> They might take it as their internal recording :-)

Sure; they're willing to record the conversation, but reticent if you
do the same thing. Either way, something is going to be recorded; does it
really matter who does it?

> It's ironic that phone conversations cannot be recorded without warning to
> the other party while email can. I don't see the difference since both

Well, inasmuch as email is a magnetic storage medium, like a phone message,
perhaps you're right. The email already exists though in a magnetic storage
medium -- the phone call does not, unless it is recorded. If email is seen
as simply a magnetic version of a physical piece of mail, then I wouldn't
agree - paper mail doesn't seem to have to need advance warning like 
phone calls.

> How about phone conversations over IP? Can you backup those bits without
> telling anybody? Or do you setup a backup utility to ignore phone over IP?

Usually phone over IP is interactive, and doesn't really need to be stored
anywhere, save for buffering.

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